World Meditation Event

1% of the people of the planet

20 minutes

21 december 2022

18:22 - 18:42 UTC

Join Us

Join the global meditation experiment for 20 minutes on December 21st

Be part of possibly the biggest co-created event in the history of our planet.

Let’s unite as a human species and listen within to what we share together.

From the safety of our own heart and home.

Unique Opperturnity

Never in our history it was possible to connect and synchronise with 78 million people (1%) from all around the world so easily as it is today.

Combine that with the knowledge that meditative silence is one of the greatest and most underestimated powers we possess as a single human.. let alone as a species together.

Let us seize this opportunity and be in peace with ourselves and each other for 20 minutes.. and let’s experience how this will reflect in the world around us.

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